IxD Spring Show 2022 Guidelines


You must be a student in the IXD department, and your submitted work must be toward your IXD degree. This can include work created in other departments’ courses. The submitted work must have been created between finals of Spring 2021 thru midterms of Spring 2022. The submission deadline is April 25th, 2022.


Please submit one thumbnail image, and one to five (5) presentation images.

Example Submission

The thumbnail image must be a PNG at 1166px x 656px and contain your projects logo.
The presentation images must be PNG files at 1920px x 1080px. Subject matter may include:

  • staged images of your project on a device or in an environment (hero shots)
  • screenshots
  • still renderings of motion frames
  • any combination of the above

Example thumbnails(opens in new window):

Example Full Images:


You can also provide up to four (4) additional links. Types of links may include:

  • working websites
  • prototypes of interactive designs
  • motion graphics hosted on Vimeo (no embedded or YouTube links, please)
  • online case studies


Not all entries will be chosen for Spring Show.

Large-scale, multi-component projects will be favored.

Projects with working websites and prototypes will be favored.

Creators of projects selected for inclusion in the Spring Show will be notified by the email you enter into the submission form.

By entering into the Spring Show you will also be entering into the WNM Spring Show awards. There are 4 awards up for grabs, Best in Show, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


How many projects can I submit?

You may submit up to 3 separate projects. If you need to resubmit a project, you should email interaction@academyart.edu with the subject line "SpringShow 2022 Resubmit". Please include your name, email address, and student id number.

Can a group project be submitted?

Yes! There is a place in the form to include those additional student names.

Would a group project count as one of my three projects that I can submit?

If the student who submits the group project wants to also submit three other projects, please notify the department at interaction@academyart.edu to get a project cap exception.

My instructor says he/she submitted my work for Spring Show. Do I need to do anything?

Yes. Students must fill out the submission form for each project submitted. Any work recommended to IxD in any other form will not be considered.

Can I submit work from a non-IXD class?

Only work in IxD/WNM classes and Collaboration classes in other deparments can be submited.

Who picks the work to be included in Spring Show?

Once the submission deadline passes, work will be collected and blindly adjudicated by the IxD Directors, Faculty, and Industry Representatives.